I would like to take this moment to thank God first then I will thank HLCGA Services, in care of Mrs. Treva Jones, for providing me with the necessary tools needed to make it across the finish line into my destiny as a LCSW. I, just like hundreds of other social workers, had taken the LCSW exam numerous times, purchased hundreds of dollars in study materials, to only get into that testing center and fail the exam. HLCGA dedicated countless hours providing me with their time to tutor, to teach me grounding techniques through EMDR, and to show their sincere dedication to helping me pass this exam. The HLCGA Family is committed to sticking with you until you cross that finish line into your destiny. I can’t thank them enough and I would encourage anyone who’s out there needing assistance with passing their exam to contact HLCGA. I can proudly say I am officially a LCSW!!!!!