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Thank you for visiting HLCGA Services. We understand that life’s best gifts can be worry-free and hassle-free. Developing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker the largest state hospital, two jail settings, outpatient CORE agencies, and on the Special Victims Unit for almost 8 years in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, has taught me so many valuable and life-changing lessons. We start with the end goal in mind. Strength to think outside of the limitations for the benefit of excellent client care, autonomous social work practice, independence, and competent to practice without any restrictions.

I have learned that every expert was once a beginner. Support, guidance, and supervision were essential during my growth and development years. At times, I had to make serious decisions and needed to feel that my decision was the absolute best choice for the person (and the families) it will affect overall. I meet every social worker where they are and we grow from there. Every experience does not need to be scary, though oftentimes it feels that way.

In behavioral health practice in diverse social work settings, we seek wisdom, understanding, and knowledge while we do our best to “do no harm.” I have helped many individuals to pass their LMSW and LCSW Exams. Once fully licensed, we help people through the process of private practice start up on a part time and full-time basis. If you are willing to carry your own liability insurance, be person centered, maintain ethical responsibly and be willing to conduct your practice using the highest level of compassion and implementation, HLCGA Services are here to assist.

The right supervisor is everything. At HLCGA Services, we offer statewide supervision to help you to set goals, maintain healthy boundaries, interview preparation, reduce anxiety, and increase confidence. We support social workers with case review, new or unfamiliar cases when working with clients with diverse backgrounds when dealing with complicated situations, which can raise potential risks of dual relationships, conflict of interest, telehealth, ethical issues (including mandated reporting), diagnostic skills, treatment planning, and interventions.

Additionally, we learn about how to write effective case notes, countertransference, self-care, burnout, policies and practices, current events, pandemics, and when doubt is presented. We assist with group processing and individual practices, treatment team, resource coordination, and caregiver/family support in behavioral health and access to community-based treatment providers.

  • Supervisor means a person who is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker, Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist and must have practiced in their specialty for at least 2000 clock hours over a minimum of 2 years following licensure.
  • Supervision means the direct clinical review, for the purpose of training or teaching, by a supervisor of a Social Worker’s interaction with clients. The purpose of supervision shall be to promote the development of the practitioner’s clinical skills. Supervision may include without being limited to, the review of case presentations, audiotapes, videotapes and direct observation.
  • Individual Supervision means one supervisor meeting with a maximum of two supervisees.
  • Group Supervision means one supervisor meeting with a maximum of six supervisees.

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